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Patrick Shettlesworth


To conceptualize characters, objects, environments and UI for the video game industry.


2011 - Present

Microsoft Games Studio
Central Media – Contract – Filter, LLC

Redmond, WA.

Storyboard Artist – “Star Wars Kinect

§  Worked closely with Cinematics Director and Writer to quickly generate storyboards for several cinematic sequences on a tight deadline.

§  Assisted Cinematics Director with cutting the storyboards together into animatics.

§  Identified environments, objects and characters from the script that needed concepts and supplied them as needed.




2006 - 2011

Sony Online Entertainment

Bellevue, WA.

Concept Artist – “The Agency”, “Planetside Next”

§  Created Character, Weapon, Environment and visual effects concepts.

§  Worked closely with designers to create the HUD and User Interface components such as iconography, framing elements and animations treatments.

§  Created logos for many of the fictional corporations in the game.

§  Painted production textures for weapons and character hair.

§  Painted over rough 3D environments to bring a cohesive look and feel to environments as well as solve lighting problems.

§  Used Sketch-Up to create environments and objects the designers had not yet visualized to help them move forward with an idea.





Microsoft Games Studio - FASA

Redmond, WA.

Lead Concept Artist

§  Worked with the art director to bring his visions and ideas to a 2D reality. This included the creation of Storyboards, Character sketches from rough to finished and presentation materials.

§  Communicated closely with the design and development teams to create assets that work with our technologies while expressing the vision of the design team.

§  Created comps and logos for use with the marketing department to make the packaging for our titles.

§  Worked with the design team to create HUD mockups for UI testing.

Worked with User Experience to create a flow for the XBOX live user interface requirements that quickly replaced the template for all XBOX live first party games.